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  • To create the first brand of sanitary products
  • To create the first brand of sanitary products
  • To create the first brand of sanitary products


The main points of neonatal care home notes

For newborn babies, each organ development system, newborns are not very mature,the baby's immune system is relatively poor, for newborn babies, which has fourpoints of home care of the newborn?

1, prevention of infection

The bedroom should minimize the number of newborn, refuse or reduce to visit,especially not let the patient into the neonatal bedroom. Indoor should keep the air fresh, in ensuring the room temperature, do regular window ventilation. In the contactand neonatal care should be carefully wash your hands. Pay attention to keep baby's skin clean, should be cleaning the buttocks after stool, often to the baby to take a shower, with particular attention to the armpit, thigh, the elbow and thigh folds of skinclean and dry. The umbilicus is an important gateway to bacterial invasion of neonatalbody, must maintain umbilical clean. In the umbilical cord has not fallen, every day withsterilized cotton stick dipped in 75% alcohol wipe, should avoid all kinds of powder.And then sterilized gauze cover, and with sticky paste glue. Should always pay attention, prevent the size of umbilical cord and its cover wet gauze. If the umbilicus is wet, must change the dressing disinfection and immediately. Umbilical cord generally about one week off, off you no longer covered with gauze, but still want to keep localclean and dry.

2, to maintain body temperature

Newborn to changes of external temperature adaptation ability is poor, cold and hotare prone to illness. Neonatal room temperature should be maintained at 22 to 24degrees Celsius, premature infant is to stay between 24 to 26 degrees Celsius, day and night temperature difference shoulds not be too big. In addition to room temperature appropriate, should also pay attention to clothing or observed at room temperature and clothing is suitable, the best indicator is the observation of neonatalbody temperature, such as to keep it between 36 to 37 degrees Celsius (axillary) is quite ideal. If a newborn blushing, sweating, the body temperature more than 37.5 degrees Celsius, indicates that the room temperature is too high or warm over, should take timely measures to. In addition to the ambient temperature, the newborn alsorequires a suitable humidity, winter and spring seasons, the general room are too dry,should wash clean with a damp cloth, placed on the fire heating basin or on open lidkettle, if can use air humidifier, is more ideal.

3, breast feeding

You can start feeding 4-8 hours post partum mothers after the birth of their baby,breast-feeding is not only beneficial to early newborn baby nutrition, at the same time,also can promote the secretion of the mother's milk, in the first two days of lack of breast milk can be used to supplement the syrup, the general should be to give the baby feed syrup in milk, mothers do not use milk or sugar water to replace the breast,to encourage breast-feeding newborns, especially colostrum first when feeding after birth, which contains a variety of antibodies, must not be discarded. Feeding of newborns can be scheduled, i.e. every 3 hours feeding time, also from time to time,namely the newborn when to eat, when to say, this is more in line with thephysiological requirements in neonates, indeed no breast can be used in infant formula milk feeding.

4, strict medicine

After various drugs into the body, are generally required to pass through the liver detoxification and excretion through the kidneys. Neonatal liver and renal functionwere poor, medication is extremely difficult, therefore, must not be self medication,must be under the guidance of pediatricians, strictly in accordance with the provisionsof the dosage, course of treatment application, or prone to adverse consequences.