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    Buy wipes, you probably don't know four big secret

    Spring has come, the recovery of all things, the earth back to the warm, let all living things to life, but in our experience these things at the same time, bacteria have also begun to quietly breeding. Hidden in the table on the ubiquity of Escherichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus, active in the public places of Candida albicans, these gowhere and where the adhesive Renjing often will do harm to our health, inadvertentlytherefore, whenever and wherever possible to maintain personal hygiene is particularly important, carry bags convenient wipes to clean has become more and more people habit. But when you face the Linlang wet towel shelves, you really know how to distinguish their advantages and disadvantages, how to purchase right wipes?Let us share the four secrets of wet wipes:

    Secret 1 wipes = sterilization?

    The answer of course is NO, according to experts, according to performance division,currently on the market the wipes can be roughly divided into two categories: generalclean wipes and hygiene wipes, general clean type wipes clean functions only, do not have the function of sterilization, and hygiene wipes in addition to having a cleaning function, also can be used in disinfection and other items, to the bacteriostatic effect.Thus, if you want to effectively avoid bacterial attack, whenever and wherever possible to enjoy clean, better health care, should abandon the wipes, hygiene wipespurchase with sterilization function.

    Secret 2 wipes = clean?

    The answer is NO, a lot of people use wipe wipe the face and fruit, however, wipeschoose not marketable, can not only clean, but will be a bacterial infection. The related media have done tracking reports, "inferior wipes itself is the source of bacteria", by the production technology and cost constraints, poor hygiene wipesusually has two problems, one is the bacteria exceed the standard, another is to add a whitening agent, flavor substances such as industrial grade, when in use will usually have a pungent smell also, some containing impurities, used significantly raising phenomenon, has become the largest source of bacteria lurking in the consumer side.In contrast, with Dettol wipes as the representative of the high quality sanitary wipescan use pure water treatment, with after the skin feeling clean, fresh scent; and do not contain alcohol, fluorescent whitening agent and formaldehyde, gentle to skin; theeffective bactericidal rate of 99.9% can bring real sterilization protection, provide a clean and healthy health care environment for consumers.

    Secret 3 wipes brand is important?

    The current market is quite important, wet wipes, new brands, new packaging emerge in an endless stream, buy wipes users must have "squandering is to charming eyes"feeling, that is "squandering", it will be quite different quality is. One not careful,influenced by the packing pattern or price, buy inferior wipes, not only can not play the role of clean, but also infected with the bacteria, damage their health, The loss outweighs the gain. In this case, no doubt, has a good reputation of high quality wipesbrand can certainly provide more protection for consumers. Taking the Dettol hygiene wipes as an example, from the global health leadership brand, whether it is thestandardized production process, professional sterilization technology, or brilliantbrand history are more trustworthy. With a history of over 80 years of Dettol or the British Royal long-term imperial brand, you know, the Queen's Royal brand authentication is very strict and critical, to experience after years of prudentassessment can be selected. This illustrates the Dettol represents the impeccable quality.

    Secret 4 a pack of wipes can family use?

    The answer is not the best, wipes is currently one of the items in each family are inseparable from, only choose the right wipes, can let the family in health protectionand perfect contrast. If there are three years old of the following children home, it must reserve some baby wipes, because the baby's skin is very delicate, and baby wipes will be divided into hand mouth towel and butt towel, and do not mix the two. Ifthe home children in the above three years old, it must use the hygiene wipes,because in this age of children always like to play everywhere, in this process will not only get our hands dirty, more will pick up some bacteria, harmful to the health of children, only cleaning function wipes has been unable to meet the children hand. The face of sterilization needs. So whether daily cleaning wipe, or outdoor tourism travel,especially in some lack of toilet and hand washing liquid cleaning agent in public places, to regular hygiene wipes, only in this way can kill E.coli anytime and anywhere,Staphylococcus aureus bacteria have sick, nuisance let the whole family from the bacteria.

    Whether in the home, or outside, the ubiquitous bacteria will do harm to our health, if the wound doesn't want to be bacterial injection "arrows", using bacteria do not want to be wandering everywhere, the spread of germs to others, be you escape thesource of infection, it must always pay attention to personal hygiene standing hygiene wipes, anywhere, to develop a good habit of common hygiene wipes sterilization, so as to effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases, for himself and his family put on a layer of firmly health "Golden Bell hood".

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